Le Piquet was born in 2017 from the creative spirit of Marco Lenzoni and Valentina Remold: a couple of young Venetian designers, with a deconstructed concept of Sneaker. The brand has its roots on two fundamental concepts: feeling alive and feeling free. The artisan touch characterizes the vintage sneaker, bringing with it the passion and experience of expert hands.

The creations of Le Piquet represent the perfect meeting between creativity and competence, faithful to the know-how in symbiosis between Venetian artisans and designers, they wanted to maintain the concept of luxury with Made in Italy, a production in the Riviera del Brenta, close to Venice, home of craftsmanship with a long tradition

The idea of "lived-in" as a synonym for craftsmanship can be clearly seen in the I-LP Collection, thanks to the exclusive patented three-dimensional diamond-effect sole. The overall appearance remains authentic, closely linked to the origins and identity of the brand, it can be distinguished by its lines, accentuated and modern.A sneakers with a contemporary charm that will complete any look with great class; able to accompany you at all times, enhancing your personality.

" Feel free wearing them, show your class and live life like a fashion show. "